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“Smart,” cyber-physical, “systems of systems” and the “Internet of Things” are changing the way entire industries operate and can radically influence how we deal with crucial societal problems. However, the complexity and heterogeneity of these systems create unprecedented design and verification challenges, which must be soon addressed to make their realization possible let alone optimal.

I am interested in methodologies and tools for the design of cyber-physical systems (CPSs) and embedded systems, including analog and mixed-signal integrated circuits. My research aims at combining design methodology, formal methods, and scalable verification, synthesis, and optimization-based algorithms, to build a system engineering framework that improves design quality, increases productivity, and reduces costs.

My areas of interest include: abstractions and layering for CPS design and the Internet-of-Things, formal foundations for compositional and hierarchical design, contracts and interfaces for system design, contract-based requirement engineering.

Research Highlights

Contract-Based Design

Design Exploration and Decision Procedures

Mixed-Signal Design

Position Papers