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Cyber-Physical System Design

System design can no longer rely on ad hoc tweaking techniques. A rigorous design discipline is crucial to boost productivity and enforce design correctness.I am currently investigating design flows, algorithms, and tools to enable compositional and hierarchical design of large-scale cyber-physical systems (CPSs). I show how a contract-based approach provides a formal foundation for a system design methodology encompassing both horizontal and vertical integration steps.

Complex systems-on-chip (SoCs) also share several challenges with CPSs due to their increasing heterogeneity. The development of analog and mixed-signal (AMS) circuits heavily relies on manual efforts and remains one of the main bottlenecks of current design flows. In this context, I am interested in nonlinear and stochastic system analysis methods and in platform-based and contract-based methodologies to raise the level of abstraction of analog design and enable scalable and modular system-level design of complex SoCs.

Cyber-Physical System Design: Methodologies and Tools

Selected Journal Papers and Book Chapters

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Selected Conference Papers

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